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Our typical boarding house, is located in the old quarter of La Pobla de Segur, a strategic base to enjoy the Pyrenees

Feel the past and the traditions of the Pallars region through the different rooms and places of our boarding house

Kind and personal treatment, in a warm atmosphere. Excellent value for money

Welcome to Can Fasersia!

La Pobla de Segur is located just at the end of the Pre-Pyrenees, at the point in which the Pyrenean valleys get open. This is the place where our boarding house CAN FASERSIA welcomes you, in one of the most charming and picturesque streets of the town.

CAN FASERSIA is a former boarding house that is located in the old quarter of La Pobla Segur, surrounded by narrow stone-paved streets, in front of the Plaça del Daldo, one of the most emblematic squares in town. Both the square and the boarding house offer exceptional views upon the Sant Antoni Lake, the Boumort Nature Reserve and the Sant Corneli Mountain, which is famous for its numerous trenches dating from the Spanish Civil War that can still be seen.

CAN FASERSIA is a popular boarding house at which short-stay guests used to stop over to have dinner, spend the night and go on their way. A house full of stories and people that have been leaving their footprints behind throughout the years. In the course of time, the accommodation concept have changed and evolved to a “stop-rest-and-go boarding house”. Nowadays, the new CAN FASERSIA wants to retake this idea, both respecting the philosophy of the past and meeting the needs and expectations of the customers.

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